Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Another trip to town

Earl and I got ourselves to Spokaloo today to get my meds. My new insurance doesn't cover Ritalin unless you are ADHD, but I found a coupon at GoodRX.com that took the cost from $86 to $38. Go there if you pay for your own prescriptions! Of course, I lost a week of meds waiting for the insurance company to tell me no.

I poked cautiously at the items in the gluten free section of the grocery store. Way too many boxed mixes and little boxes of little snacky things for this hippie. And, no matter how badly I want a sandwich, I can't pay $6 for a loaf of bread. Can't do it. So I got some GF salad dressing and mustard and crackers. I have muffins and crackers; I will survive. Em said she'd look for GF bread at the bakery outlet stores (we call them used-bread stores) and pop them in the freezer for me.

I hit Ziggy's for some roof patching goop and Pex pipe. Dave (can't remember his last name) works there and is incredibly nice and helpful. Apparently one of his past coworkers lived in my school for a while, years ago. Dave is one of the people that thinks this is a cool place – unlike our realtor, and half our kids. Anyway, I've been buying hardware there for years, and got to talking about the school with him when we first bought it. He's always interested in the projects we're working on, and has helpful DIY advice. He got us a deal on our slightly used Englander wood stove (biggest legal firebox on the market!), and he always spots me in the store and gives me the contractor discount. He loves dogs, and got to meet Earl today. He also gathered up all the items I needed into a cart, wrote me an invoice, and loaded it all into the car, while chatting furiously about dogs and kids and gardening. Great guy, Dave. Must remember to bring him some tomatoes.

Stopped at the barn, caught the little goat outside the fence and put him back in, and loosed four bales of hay for the big animals.Then I easily caught the big goat and gave him the wormer.

C. planted spinach and did some other garden stuff.

I'll fix the water line to the outdoor faucets tomorrow. And clean the rabbit room. Really.

Three eggs today. C. took Foggy the hen back out to the chicken house.

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  1. Great to hear you got a good deal on your Englander Stove, we'd love to see some pictures of it on England's Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/heatredefined/