Saturday, April 22, 2017


We packed and packed for probably three hours. Gah. Now we are exhausted. We are way too old to be helpful in a move.

And packing is a personal thing. Em likes to go through things, decide what to give away and what to pack, then box things by item type. All the pans in a box, all the tea in a box, all the dishes in another box. No fraternizing among different items in the boxes! And she has no sense of urgency about it.

C. is a packing maniac, from doing antique sales for years. She arrives, she gathers her equipment, she packs. No dithering, no deciding, no fussing. Big things have little things wedged around them, breakables are wrapped in towels or clothing and put inside other things. If it's in the kitchen and she's packing up the kitchen, it is fair game.

So Em had to hover and try to direct, and C. simply put everything in boxes.

We did some good, I think. But we also drove Em nuts.

I was somewhat helpful, pulling things off upper shelves and passing them to the others. Then Em fed us, and we played with Liam. After a bit we heard shrieking from the upstairs – baby Ciri was up, and her new thing is shrieking. Which she alternates with whispering. Funny baby.

Then, since Em moved in before we were entirely moved out four years ago, C. gathered some of our stuff, and with help from the boys, loaded our car. I don't know what all is out there, but there are boxes of tiles, a big grindstone, rusty things to make into sculptures, and some plants.

Em took me for a quick tour of the new house, and wants recommendations for paint colors inside. I've been rummaging through, looking for ideas. I'm thinking tan, sage, soft grey-blue, all with white trim.

We were too tired to do the shopping we'd planned (ingredients for gluten-free pizza dough) and just drove home and collapsed.

Town makes me tired. All those people! cars! roads! stores!

Seven eggs today.

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  1. 'Town' makes me tired as well so we avoid as much as possible. As for packing...I am the organised one, take my time, know what is in each box, but my partner has less patience so is best not involved!