Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Big rocks and a baby scare

The kids came up yesterday with the baby, and we sat outside and admired her for a while. Such a cute and chubby baby!

C. showed them the excavation, and enlisted K. in some boulder work.

We moved indoors as it cooled off. Walter and Hazelnut were really happy to see their people, especially that baby. Hazel is protective of her. At one point C. was holding the baby on the couch, and K. was sitting next to her with Hazelnut and Annie the dachshund on his lap. Hazel went after Annie, K. pushed Hazel away, and Annie lunged past the spot where Hazel had been, and snapped at the baby's face. We were all stunned.

The baby is fine – her cheek was bright red and she was crying, but it was all OK. Scary, but OK. The kids handled it well, staying calm and making sure the baby was unhurt.

Sheesh. So now we know to keep the other dogs clear of Hazelnut when the baby is here. Annie would never purposefully go after the baby, but she doesn't back down from any dog.

We shunned her for the rest of the evening – she knew she'd done wrong.

We'll be more careful. All it takes is a second for things to go pear-shaped.

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