Monday, April 10, 2017

Gluten, I miss you

And it's only been since lunchtime (pizza at McLain's, with my buddies from work).

My naturopath says quitting gluten should really help my Hashimoto's thyroidosis, and maybe the MS as well. So I picked up some GF crackers and pasta at Costco, and some GF flour from Bob's Red Mill at Huckleberry's.

The flour is a one-to-one sort, so it should work in most recipes. I could get fancier and use all different sorts of flour – amaranth, buckwheat, coconut, rice, almond, teff – but this is a start. So I should still be able to bake basic things. I understand that results may vary (i.e., some things may suck).

As the garden kicks in, it should get easier. Right?


Gluten-free diets are a big trend now, and lots of folks online recommend them for MS and other illnesses. I was skeptical because, well... because I find trends silly. And I like my gluten. But if Dr. Whitney says I should, I should.

And if my test results are no better in a few months, I may have to quit dairy, too. I do appreciate him starting with one sacrifice, rather than expecting me to go all crazy-ass Paleo-autoimmune and give up everything, all at once.

And he switched me to natural thyroid meds, from the synthetic.

I'm really glad I made him my primary care provider under my new insurance. He listens to my concerns. He isn't arrogant. He doesn't have his own agenda. He doesn't have some pharmaceutical company's agenda. He will order tests most doctors refuse to do. He's a nice man (that means he's not a neurologist). Snort.

Then we did some laser thing to improve movement in my left hand, and Earl and I left to do some shopping.

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