Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Beautiful day

It was sunny and warm today, and we worked in the garden for hours.

I hauled out the buckets of rabbit poo I'd removed from the rabbit room last night, and C. spread it on some beds soon to be planted. Unlike chicken poop, which has to be aged in the compost heap, fresh bunny beans don't burn the plants. (C.'s mom Betty, a big nut, swore chicken poop was the best paint remover ever. Betty was many things; a Felliniesque fashion statement, diabolical, smart and slyly funny. I sure miss her.)

I crawled under the house and replaced the busted CPVC line with blue Pex. I had trouble pulling the Sharkbite fittings off one side of the old pipe (dang hands just aren't strong enough) so I cut that bit off and installed a new one. It's a pretty tidy repair. The only thing I can see going wrong is if I didn't get the fittings pushed on tight enough. If they leak, I'll get somebody to go down and tighten them up.

C. planted parsnips, and divided and moved some volunteer garlic.

I took my fabulous cordless Porter Cable screwdriver out and took the old tomato towers apart, then stacked them off to the side. They are ladder-shaped things made of recycled pallets, stood up and tied together with binder twine and screwed-on 1x2s.

We took a break and had leftover veg soup, then got back out there. I peeled the tall fencing off posts in last year's long bean row, pulled the posts out, and cleared it all away so C. can plant more spuds there.

It was so warm we worked in tank tops and jeans.

I brushed Earl outside and he acted like an idiot. He's shedding like crazy.

Three eggs today.

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