Friday, April 7, 2017

Thunderstorm today

That's what the forecast said, but I heard only one clap of thunder. It was windy, though.

I puttered in the gym some. I now have a small area dedicated to garbage. I'm so proud. It's right beside the garage door so some kind soul can back in, load up and then hit the dump. I bagged up more moldy sheetrock, and swept that spot. I think I'll store the extra sinks and toilets there, in case it leaks again. And it will.

I've been sprouting barley again for the rabbits. The little goat likes it, too. We're trying to feed him up and get his coat in better shape. He's looked crappy since he had biting lice last year.

I took a notion the other day and caught the big goat and brushed him. He put up with it, mostly. Now his front half is all fluffy. I was expecting him to be shedding big swaths of cashmere, but it's still attached. I guess we'll try again in a month or so.

C. has another flat of tomatoes started. That makes four, I think. Half of the cabbages she started are robust and gorgeous. The other half are spindly, or missing. We think it might be because she used our compost instead of potting soil (we were out) and it got too hard for the sprouts to come through. Or maybe not. Anyway, she replanted some Danish Ballheads. She probably has enough time to direct seed some out in the garden, too.

Her first little tomato plants are nearly all up.

Out in the yard, she wrestled that big rock out, filled in the hole and raked it level. My nightly trip to shut the chickens in is now easier.

We browned some of our stored garlic and onions, added two jars of our tomato sauce and some of our pesto, and it was delicious over Costco country pasta for dinner tonight.

We're off to bed as tomorrow is Liam's birthday extravaganza, complete with catering and a bellydancer. And we have a bunch of shopping and errands in town as well.

Five eggs today; six yesterday.

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