Saturday, July 9, 2016

Book sale!

Wahoo! We love a good book sale. So we're tired (but good tired) and the hall has four boxes of exciting new (to us) books. I read the new Alexander McCall Smith as soon as we got home.

And my milk lady called. Her cows have calved so she's got lots of fresh milk – Earl and I booked up there and brought home two gallons and some eggs. Pudding tonight! And kefir brewing on the kitchen counter. It's been two months since she had milk for sale. I've been buying raw milk from the store for twice as much, and it's not the same.

I caught the guinea moms teaching their kids to spar. Pretty weird. And when one keet tried to get away, his mom pecked at him and made him get in there and fight.

So I'm shelling peas. And more peas. If I had four hands, I could shell peas and read. That would be cool.

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