Sunday, July 3, 2016


It's really summer around here, and the garden is bursting with food. Yesterday I shelled peas. Thousands and thousands of peas. C. dug a few new spuds, so creamed peas and potatoes is on the menu. And she'll start socking peas away in the freezer.

I picked the small alpine strawberries. It's a pain humping up out there picking the little bastards, but there are so many we'll be able to make ice cream or jam or something. Mmmm.

We started to move the Lobster Pot out of the garden to so we could keep the young chickens in there, away from bullying guineas. But the guineas decided to stay out all night and the chicks seem happy boobling around with Graham and the hens. So we'll just leave the guineas loose for now. Besides, the Lobster Pot is designed to be dragged over to new grass a few feet at a time, not lifted bodily and hauled over garden beds full of plants. It's awkward and heavy and we left it in the garden. Maybe Smokey the rabbit would like to spend afternoons out there.

C. is picking great bowls of greens every day, still. the rabbits get some, the big animals get some, and quite a bit goes into the driers for winter. This is typhon, the most productive sort.

It's in the 70s today, with a breeze. I'm keeping the sprinklers going. Summer is good.

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