Thursday, July 14, 2016

Goat repellant

Which is a funny idea. I can't think of anything that would repeal a goat. Bad smells? Nope. Brussels sprouts? No way. Ugly faces? They'd be fascinated.

Sunday I was confronted with the hideous sight of a full-sized horned goat coming out of the chicken house. Out of the chicken door. Which is 9x16 inches. He was very mellow, gave me a nod as if to say, "What's up, buddy?" and strolled casually out of the chicken yard, chewing his cud of layer mash. I was stunned or I would have smacked him or hollered at him or made a fuss. It was like watching clowns come out of a circus car. Or a butterfly put of a cocoon. (OK, a big butterfly out of a  tiny cocoon, chewing expensive food that could kill it.)

So tonight I installed a goat-repelling hobbit door on the chicken house.


After. The guineas inspected it carefully.

The little guy decided it was OK.

I put bunch more screws in – bet you I catch a goat within the week.

The oldest keets are roosting outside now – after that cat killed one of them in the chicken house.

Smokey is spending afternoons in the lobster pot.

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