Monday, July 11, 2016

July weekend

Mmmm. Frittata for dinner, with our eggs, spuds, asparagus, peas, and our dried mushrooms from summer-before-last. Plus stuff from the store, but never mind that.

Savvy is still pissed as us for making her svelte and cool. I'm still pissed at her for being such a pain.

Bored teenagers have been battering our giant mailbox again, so I went out and released the bloody top-heavy thing from its moorings and waltzed it around and over and reattached it to itself and waltzed it upright again and screwed it to the T-post. Ugh.

Shelled peas. Feh. And did another session of bricking the rabbit yard. 

C. worries that the buns could dig the bricks out and tunnel away, but I think the bricks will hold – each one is wedged in by its neighbors. If they do dig out, we'll go to Plan B, which I will formulate at some vague point in the future. There's plenty more brickwork to be done. If we run out of bricks, I'll pour cement. Looking forward to fluffy rabbits leaping and frolicking in their 12x14-foot playground. I'll make them an elevated wooden moon-viewing platform, with hidey-holes and skywalks.

I'd planned to clean house, but didn't get to it. Darn.

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