Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cooling off

Not as hot today – got up to 82, I think. It's 7:30 and 78 out, but it feels cooler than that. I used my cane to push open the ridiculously high windows – I think the mad remodelers put them in upside down as the fixed panes are at the bottom and the openable ones up top – and a nice little breeze is wafting through.

The mystery tree on the northwest corner of the building has clusters of pea-sized yellow-to-red berries, and I caught Mo the goat eating some, crunch, crunch, crunch, as he stared off into space. I wonder if they are some kind of choke cherry. If so, he shouldn't eat too many as Farmer Google says they have cyanide in the pits. (Like he would care; he's scarfed wisteria and belladonna with no ill effects.) Took some photos and posted them on the garden club website. Those guys will probably know just what they are and what to do with them.

C. is out in the garden. She picked a big bowl of rabbit greens, and a sled full of borage for the sheep. And tied up tomatoes, I think.

I finished the brick part of the rabbit yard. Now I need to sweep and dig out the dirt in the center and see if the old concrete there is too rotten to work as a rabbit barrier. Might have to pour new cement there. Besides keeping buns from digging out, I need to keep their fuzz clean.

C. brought Fondu the Magician in and brushed and plucked him. He's a good boy. C. says he has the fuzziest butt ever.

I managed to let Mo the goat out. And some guineas into the gym. Earl and I got everyone back where they belonged, though.

Decent day. Didn't get much done. Didn't hurt anything. Had a couple of ice cream bars. Summer, when it isn't too hot, is good.

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