Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beautiful day

It's 37 degrees out, and sunny. The forecast calls for rain, but what do they know? But C. says they are right as her shoulder hurts. Arthritis trumps meteorology any day.

Got eight eggs this morning. Good job, girls! Some must have been laid late yesterday after C. collected eggs.

My used four-tube shop light I was rehabbing for plant growing started shooting sparks and buzzing, so I took it right back to the gym. Ain't going to mess with that. The ballasts seem good, so maybe it can be used for parts. So I'm back to scrounging for more lights.

Our seeds from the Ukraine are here. We need to pick up some potting soil. Soon it'll be time to start the tomatoes and peppers.

C. made some cottage cheese from scratch the other day. Someone gave us some store-bought 1-percent milk, and she used some soured whole milk to start the culture (buttermilk is the usual starter, I guess). Below, she is cutting the curd, and bottom, straining off the whey. The dogs got the whey with their dinners. She adds a little cream to the finished product. It's a little more pungent than commercial cottage cheese, but good. She knows how to do all that old-timey stuff from her folks, and from living off-grid years ago.

We were admiring Burday's feet the other day. She has a great many toes, like her dad. Weird, huh?

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