Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter hike

I stumped up to the mailbox today, loaded up my mail bucket with bills and seeds and stuff, stopped by the barn and loosed five or six bales of hay for the big animals, and crept back home. The snow was about six inches deep most places so it was pretty easy going. Didn't fall once, even going up and down the plow berm.

The goats were excited when they saw the bucket (every bucket, even upside down, is full of grain, according to their little pea brains), but were happy enough with hay.

Spent the rest the day fussing with the windowsills (adding salvaged 12x12 stone tiles and moving plants) in prep for the big seed-starta-palooza.

C. split some wood, after wrestling with the quilt project.

Our eight fine hens laid seven lovely eggs.

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