Tuesday, February 21, 2017

D'oh again

Yesterday was a holiday, imagine that. A very minor and arbitrary holiday. So my trip to town yesterday was 50 miles in vain. I spent a few minutes in the Group Health parking lot cussing, then picked up four sacks of chicken food and headed home in the rain. Yeah, next time I'll call ahead.

Earl, my copilot, looked pained as I bitched, looked pleased at his giant dog cookie (he always gets a treat when we go driving), and slept all the way home.

We stopped at the barn and loosed five or six bales of hay for the big animals. K. and S. pulled up behind me, bringing the granddogs out again. They are staying with Em temporarily, and Walter and Hazelnut are just too much, on top of Emma's four dogs. Walter came through his mouth surgery very well and is bouncy and happy. Nut is OK with us, but really wants to be home with her people, including that fat little human baby. She really likes that baby. The baby came along, and we passed her around and collected smiles and babbles.

So they are all living in our Ancestral Home, a story-and-a-half 1910 bungalow in town. The plan is for K. and S. to buy the house, and for Em and Richard to buy a rancher somewhere nearby. It needs to happen soon for our financial health. The real estate market is slow right now, but we all go through Zillow and Trulia and Craig's List and some realty sites every day looking for a one-level roomy house with a garage and room for a garden. (Got one for sale between Spokaloo and Chattaroy? Leave me a comment below.)

C. sharpened the chainsaw today and waved it at the logs on the wood pile. I pitched lengths to the porch and stacked them. It's warm and rainy again today, and the snow continues to slowly shrink.

I've been rummaging in the gym for shop lights for seed starting. I found a four-tube 4-foot fixture that is meant to be hard-wired in, and am adding a power cord to it. We want to start more plants than last year, of course.

We finally finalized the last two seed orders.

Four eggs today.


  1. I am still half way through the seed order for this year, so you are ahead of us on that.
    I hope all goes well with the property purchase, and I am sure the right place will come up for you all.
    As for eggs, we are having to buy ours from the supermarket because we gave all our chickens away last year, the reason being that they were living in the courtyard immediately outside the house, and the mess they made was getting us down. We also needed to use the space for raised beds. So we have nearly finished a new chicken area, which is round the back of the house, so we shall have chickens again this year, thank goodness. We so dislike those supermarket eggs!

  2. Eww... store eggs. I know just what you mean. Even brown organic store eggs are not as good as homegrown. Our chickens are a pain in gardening season (we have to protect the greens and the tomatoes) but I do love their noises and companionable busyness. What sort of chickens do you plan to get?