Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tax tedium

I just e-filed my taxes. Took all bloody day. Feh.

I went to to find the list of free e-file sites, and picked On-line Taxes. Got hung up in the health-care section. Went round and round in some kind of for-next loop. Tried checking various boxes in order to escape. No go. Their instructions are not good. Went to the place I used last year, Easy-peasy! Many fewer questions, many fewer pages of hoo-ha. Went to file, and they wanted 30 bucks. Crap. I'm not paying $30 to file my damn taxes, no matter how easy they make it. Emailed them, squawking about the promise of free filing. Checked the fine print, and it's free for everybody except me, for some reason I can't remember. State of residence, or age, or something. Height, maybe. Taste in music. Bastards. Back to the IRS site. The only free place for someone here, my age and my income is On-Line Taxes. OK. I can do this. Dive back in. I apparently need a health-insurance form. Supposed to be able to access it online, but nooooooo. C., bless her heart, hikes to the mailbox, and there it is. Woohoo! But that doesn't solve the problem, and I go round again. Oh, I need an additional form! I go online, and there it is... but it's for 2015. It gives me enough info to complete one section, though. Still doesn't fix it. Round, round. Bloody hell. Check the forms again. Oh, it's not this. It's that. Huh. Click other boxes, and we're done. Gah.

Dear On-Line Taxes: Thanks for filing my taxes for free. 
Please fix your instructions, as they suck. Your friend, Su

So I feel like I've accomplished something huge, sitting here on my butt, cursing and clicking.

C. cut some more firewood, and we pitched it to the porch and she stacked it there.

We got another six inches of snow, though it's warming up again. I'm ready with the buckets and pipes.

C. spotted these wild turkeys moving through the lower field today. "Ostriches!" she cried. Pert' near.

Snow. Winter. Feh.

Em and Richard and Liam are coming up this evening.

Five eggs today.

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