Friday, February 3, 2017

Tiny road trip

C. and I hit a Martin estate sale first thing this morning. The weather was vile, bitingly cold with blowing tiny snowflakes. The windshield wipers kept freezing up.

The sale was not exciting – we spent an hour or so and $15. I think our best find was a shuffleboard set that C. scored in the basement. We need to paint up a 52-by-3-foot layout on a concrete floor here, and we're good to go. That might be fun. (Yes, we will funk up the standard shuffleboard layout.) We also found a dinosaur train set for Liam, many buckets, scraps of linoleum (for the bunny condo) and a funky old wicker side table.

We stopped by Em's place, where two babies were kicking a big keyboard that made animal noises. Pretty funny. Liam is struggling with reflux again. I wish the poor little guy could just feel decent. I think he's had one misery or another since his difficult birth 10 months ago. His doctors have put a g-tube – a feeding tube – in his stomach, in hopes of boosting his weight.  We held him and bounced him and distracted him for a little while. If they can get his weight up and his stomach used to bigger meals, maybe they'll take it out. The main worry is to get enough nutrition into his system to help him heal any brain damage. He's a sweet boy, and deserves a break.

Then we were off to run errands, and navigate the snowy roads home.

Home is good. The wood stove is roaring away, and my toes are finally warm. C. is out splitting wood, the big nut. I'm thinking about a nap.

Five eggs yesterday, two today.

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