Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Seed order day

We're working on seed orders. We order from Pinetree, Fedco, and Nikitovka, and sometimes others.

Pinetree has lots of stuff, including Holland greens or tyfon, which C. dries for the rabbits (and feeds fresh to everybody). That stuff is crazy productive. Fedco has great prices, and most everything else (except tyfon). And Nikitovka has excellent tomatoes from the Ukraine, which do very well here.

Nope, we haven't found the tomato seeds, so we'll be tacking on about $20 to replenish our seed stores.

I got Prudens Purple, probably our most productive tomato. And Opalka, San Marzano and Martinos Roma, for sauce. And Stupice (pronounced Stoo-PEECH-ka), a nice early mid-sized tom. The Ukranian tomatoes are Balconnoye Chudo, Lyana, Potrobnyy Rozmir, Lyubymyy, Jablunka, Cosmonaut Volkov and Chernyy Prynts. My spellcheck enjoys those names.

I'm not sure how to pronounce the Russian names correctly, but that doesn't stop me. I channel Boris and Natasha Badinov from the Bullwinkle show. First, I say "Moose and squirrel." After that, tomato names are easy.

Two eggs today.

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