Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rain and four eggs

I'm finishing off the guacamole and chips, as the drizzle drizzles outside.

Em found a babysitter closer to home, so we didn't end up watching Liam during her Valentine's date. She and Richard came up the day before, though, so I got to stuff the little fellow full of pudding, and hang out with him. We tried a variation of "ride the horsie" on the bouncing knee – it was "ride the sheep" and every time I let out a basso baaaaaaah, Liam jumped and looked around. We thought that was so amusing that I did it until the old leg wore out. He was feeling pretty good, and we had fun.

What is it about grandbabies that turns sensible, unsentimental people into mush?

Three eggs yesterday, four today. A forty-pound sack of feed lasts five-six days when it's not super cold, or summer. We'll need more on the 27th.

Our tax refund came on the 13th. Pretty dang fast!

I've been in the throes of trying to find health insurance, as I'm officially separated from employment at the end of the month. My employer paid for my insurance for 20-some years, and, boy, did I squawk when they began to charge $10 a month for it in 2016. What a whiner.

Dear University,
Thank you for all those years of free health insurance. Sorry about the grumbling.
Your friend, Su

Now I'm going to have to pay $160 a month for the cheapest "bronze" plan. With a $7,000 deductible. And it's federally mandated that I pay a for-profit corporation for this. Pretty sure that's not in the Constitution. What we need is health care. What we get is health insurance. Not the same thing. Sigh.

So it occurs to me that we could live anywhere, now that I'm not tied to a workplace. Some place without three feet of snow sounds nice. Someplace with a roof that doesn't leak. How about the Olympic Peninsula? Ocean, woods, rain but not snow. How about Costa Rica? Belize?

C. and I were talking about it today. She said that she knew I'd lost my mind when I insisted on buying this place. I guess it was the brain lesions talking.


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