Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cheesecake to the victor

And I am the victor.

Earl and I hit town for lunch with my good friends who still work at the job. We had a great time – and, in case you were wondering, apple sours can be made warm, for a snowy day.

Then on to Costco for the monthly shopping. Em and Liam led the way, and though they didn't have Stilton cheese, they did have smoked salmon and enormous cheesecakes. I scored a huge bag of chocolate chips (4.5 pounds). It looks just like the normal 12-ounce ones, but GIGANTIC. This pleases me for some reason. Oh, and lest you think me a foolish, unthrifty shopper, I did get the usual unexciting staples: rice, coffee, Blue Sky cola, butter, flour, vanilla, peppercorns, yada yada.

The roads were crap on the way home. Most drivers were going 40 on the icy highway through the blowing snow. Earl and I were OK with that, and we got home shortly after dark. He was a good dog, and excitedly received his reward of veggie pizza leftovers. Snap! Snap! Gone.

C. spent the day digging Jerusalem artichokes for the rabbits. She says the ground is completely unfrozen beneath the three feet of snow out there. I'd rather she waited until I was home before doing that. Three feet of snow, one of dirt – she's only 4-foot-10, so how does she get out of the hole? Do I come home to an empty house, and go looking for the top of her frozen head sticking out of a hole in the garden? Well, she's a digger, and she has a shovel and a fork, so I suppose she'd just dig a staircase.

We'd like to leave the root crops in the garden over the winter – the carrots we stored in buckets of (too) damp sand in the basement didn't fare too well. I suppose we could dig a "spud pit" and put some kind of lid the equivalent of three feet of snow over it. Huh. Most winters here the ground is definitely frozen, and digging anything is a real pain.

I'm driving back to town to see the MS doctor tomorrow. I'm not much for doctors, especially considering the conventional MS treatments (hideously expensive drugs, with serious side effects, that might possibly maybe slow the disease progression down a little, but probably won't – and those are all for the other kinds of MS that I don't have), but the disability insurance people want me to see a doc regularly, so I'll go. There are a few alternative treatments that I'd like to talk to him about. He's been great so far.

Four eggs today.

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