Wednesday, December 14, 2016


In a week, the days will start getting longer!

That's what I tell myself as I creep around twice a day hauling warm water to the animals.

Hazelnut, Annie the Wiener and Walter.

We've got eight dogs for a bit. The kids are staying with Em, and we're keeping Walter the Jackass and now Hazelnut, the pretty little red-haired dog. She's a good girl.

We are finally with phone and internet after a clusterf*ck with Century Link. I spent five hours over two days shivering over my cell phone in the unheated car up at the Church of the Cell Phone Signal, talking to robots, idiots, and finally, two smart guys who got it fixed. I'm still a little pissed.

C. cut and split wood and I hauled in onto the porch and inside. I searched for the crown I lost while waiting for a dentist appointment. Worked on the last project from my real job. Drove over to the barn and loosed four bales of hay for the big animals; there was no spitting. We had pasta slathered with a sauce of many cheeses for dinner.

Now to cram the stove with big logs for the night.

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