Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Winter Wednesday

It's freakin' cold out. Gah. Sunny and tolerable during the middle of the day, but with a cold bite increasing from about 3 in the afternoon. Supposed to get down to 9 tonight. I'm glad the pump-house heater is on, as well as the pantry and rabbit-room heaters.

Em, Richard and Liam came out to get wood. Well, Liam came out to get grandma time, but the other two went in pursuit of firewood. Their truck battery petered out after a couple of hours so Earl and I drove out the rutted track to give them a jump. Took forever with my little Subie battery. We returned to home and warmth.

Liam is getting big. We can't decide on his hair color – it looks brown in front, reddish on the sides, and blond in back. He has the Sibley ears, like his grandma. They are a big responsibility.

The little guineas are still out in the chicken house, in a high-tech insulated room (the Styro Mahal, below). They've become very confidant, venturing into the chicken yard and beyond. Maybe too far beyond.

I think one is missing – I found one wandering out by the car, making the panic noise, and herded it inside. Three more were huddled under the chicken nest box, and the light rope (the Styro Mahal heat source) had come unplugged. I restored power then poked them all inside. We searched the chicken roosts and the area for the missing keet and found nothing. I hope he found a little warm spot, and not a hungry cat.

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