Thursday, December 1, 2016

My 59th December

Yesterday was payday. We celebrated in the usual way: buying groceries. I hit town, stopped eight times at seven places, and came home with a carload of chicken food, beer and provisions. Took four hours, and I was knackered. C. unloaded the car, bless her heart.

Today we went to Rose's and stocked up on fresh milk (two gallons) and eggs (four dozen). I got three eggs today from our birds, two blues and a green. Looks like one of the gold hens is over her molt.

I'm slurping warm tapioca pudding now. Yes, it's bland, but very pleasant.

It's a mighty good feeling to have a full larder as winter closes in.

We moved the little birds outside, into a little heated kennel in the chicken house. The plan is to turn them loose in there in a day or so, after the big guineas have gotten used to them. Poor unlucky little winter babies.

7 weeks old – big enough to move outside

Big stinky birds

Here they are 7 weeks ago.

I pitched a bunch of firewood from the tarped pile to the porch, and stacked it there.

It's warm inside. I wonder what's for dinner.

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