Saturday, December 3, 2016

Out, damn spots!

We brought the little guineas back in for a couple of nights, but as of this morning they are out in the chicken house for good. I stuck my head in the box yesterday to grab and refill the water, and damn near keeled over from the aroma. Big birds, tiny space. Gah.

So they are installed in their box on the straw over a rope-light heater, with screen top and front so the other birds can come to accept them. Our tiny awkward kitchen, sans birds, seems big now. It smells nicer, too.

The little family was up working on C.'s studio today, moving her fabric and fiber into storage in the stairs room (the northeast classroom named for the two sets of stairs mysteriously left in there). Mikey, our honorary grandson and a big strong fellow, came along to help. The room is nearly empty and looks huge. I'm waiting on a remodeling friend's estimate on installing one of our electric furnaces in there. Their pug dog, Walter the Jackass, who has been staying with us, is ecstatic. Soon he will be living with his people and eating at our house. What a wonderful world.

I'm toasty from the estate sale. Looking forward to some quiet days. Quiet cold days, as the forecast is calling for a low of -4 Thursday.

Put another log on the fire.

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