Thursday, December 15, 2016

Today was a balmy 21 degrees, so C. got out there with the chainsaw and zipped some of the log pile into stove lengths. I pitched them up near the porch for hauling in tomorrow.

We ordered some Christmas presents (no, I'm not telling) online, and I worked on that last graphic design project. C. is knitting something for Liam.

It's 5 degrees out now. We're expecting a high of 11 tomorrow, and -10 Friday night. We leave the faucets dripping when it gets that cold. And there's a heater in the pump house, the pantry and the rabbit room. We send the brave little heaters warm thoughts. Then it's supposed to warm up to 30 on Monday.

If the weather guys are right.

Sauce of many cheeses on spuds and peas for dinner tonight.

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