Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Today went where?

Got up at a decent hour. Must be 10 inches of new snow. I stomped all the way to the chicken yard to pack a trail for them. Sunny, 35 degrees out. Perfect for making a snowman. (No, I didn't. I'm too old for that foolishness. But in a few years, the grandkids could do it for me. Liam, I want a snow goat! With carrots for horns.)

Did a little work on the rabbit condo. I used the dremel with a cut-off wheel to chop up a piece of metal dog kennel for the doors. Made lovely sparks. Still not done, though. I was always a slow carpenter; now I'm a slow, crippled carpenter. Still, who is in a hurry?

The washer has healed itself (once again, procrastination pays off!). The kitchen hot water is still pathetic. C. is going to the crawl space tomorrow morning to take a photo so we can figure out how to fix it. Apparently there's a small leak in the hot water line near the shut-off valve. It's copper pipe there (the building has three kinds of pipe) and we might be able to chop out the bad spot and patch it with a sharkbite fitting. I love those things. My handy friend Tom introduced me to them – they push right on to copper, PEX and PVC pipe, and you can take them off and reuse them. No soldering, screw fittings or pipe cement. Best modern plumbing invention. Pricey at about $12 each, but worth it. I was always the family plumber, but can't negotiate the crawl space so C. has to do it. I'm the consultant, and if it's complicated, I call Tom. Tom is kind, smart, funny and capable. (I would look up to him, but he's a short guy. So I put him on a pedestal. Works out.)

The eldest daughter dropped in with presents: chocolate and a cool goat calendar. Had a pleasant chat.

Made hot fudge pudding cake.

Day gone.

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