Monday, December 19, 2016

Working in the rabbit room

Worked on the rabbit condo some. Maybe they can move in tomorrow!

It's got two units, each with a full lower floor for the second-messiest activities – eating and drinking, which lead to the first-messiest, peeing and pooping. Rabbits like to do those four all the same time. (Well, maybe not eating and drinking.) Half the floor is wire, half wood (I'll put linoleum over the wood for easy cleanup). They'll each have a litter box there, too, because I'm an optimist. And I'll make a couple of hanging hay feeders – maybe half-buckets.

There are upper floors, too, with ramps. And places to hide. Oh, I need to find some big plastic pipe so they can have silly tunnels around the room.

Nothing was bought new for the project, so it's a bit funky, but that's how I roll.

C. is vacuuming. I wish she'd wait to do that until I was dead.

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