Thursday, December 29, 2016

Earl's party

Another winter day. Crept out into the snow and fed and watered the chickens.

One of our four remaining little guineas had disappeared yesterday. Well, there she was on the porch this morning. Little fool spent the night out alone in the cold. I was so pleased to see her! Earl let me catch her (he wanted really badly to help but controlled himself) and I popped her back into the chicken house. I don't know if a cat scared her off, or if the other birds were picking on her.

Speaking of Earl, he had company over Christmas. Arnold came up and they had a fabulous time rampaging and play-snarling.

Arnold is Emma's former foster puppy from a litter of dachshund mixes. Dachshund, my ass. We think he's greyhound and kangaroo.

I made a malformed loaf of bread (didn't latch the door on the bread machine, apparently). Ate lots of deviled eggs.

Finally got the rabbit-room floor cleaned up and turned Crystal loose. Rue can join her in a day or two. Mother and daughter usually get along well, as long as Crystal claims the space first. Then Fondu can move out of the cage in our bathroom and into the condo.

C. has been wondering why she can't get a good night's sleep lately. It's hard to sleep with a 20-pound Peke on your head!

One mouse caught.

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  1. Your critters make me smile.
    Grand babies are pretty damn cute too.

    I went online the next day after reading your post and ordered the mousetrap. It got here this evening. I'll let you know how it goes.