Sunday, January 1, 2017


Big whup, huh. It's just a number, really.

More important is that it's freakin' winter. We just had another load of snow dumped on us, and there's a nasty cold wind blowing drifts around.

The kids came up with supplies (my box of Christmas gifts, and a whole lot of beer). So I popped presents in gift bags and passed them around. Liam was charming, as always. He's got four teeth, and is working on No. 5!

We had brown bread hot from the oven, with butter and honey, and they headed out into the snow. Half an hour later, they came back in. Their big SUV was stuck in the driveway.

C. went to help dig it out, and I watched the baby. (I know – I get the gravy jobs.) About two hours later, they had it done. C. rode along to score us some milk and eggs at Rose's – they dropped her off with milk and sled at the top of our driveway and she hiked back in. She arrived covered in snow, and beyond tired.

There's no thaw in the forecast – now it gets cold – and if this goes on much longer we'll have to hire a guy with a plow. Money is tight and we'd rather not.

We are warm and snug in our third-grade classroom.

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