Monday, January 30, 2017

Clean straw!

...for them to poop on, as Triumph the insult dog would say. Lovely bright yellow straw is an improvement on the brown poopy stuff. The middle gold hen is in every shot, evidently hoping Hollywood is reading the blog.

You can see our homemade gear –  waterer made from a three-gallon bucket with chicken-head holes cut out, and feeder made from a gallon jug.

I finished going through the vacuum bag for my missing bicuspid crown. Dammit. Leaving it on the bookcase was a $1000 mistake. Why didn't I put it in something – a pill bottle, a tiny Ziplock, anything. I left it in a beer-bottle cap, and something carried or knocked it off. We'd hoped C. vacuumed it up, but nooooooo. That's the magnet-on-a-stick in the photo there. I thought the magnet might pick up the little screw in the bottom of the thing. And I know it's kinda grody to think of my tooth in all that dog hair and dirt, but, hey, it could be washed off. Boiled, even. If only it were there. Sigh.

In other exciting news, I made hippie crispies (peanut butter, honey, Rice Crispies, and melted chocolate chips for drizzle). They are OK. Not great. They're a little crumbly without the usual (and bad for you) marshmallows, and taste a little too much like a peanut-butter-and-honey sandwich. Quick and easy, though.

Four eggs today.

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