Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snowed in

We're in holding pattern until it warms up.

It's maybe 18 degrees in the daytime; 5 to -5 at night. There's a cold wind that makes doing anything outside unpleasant. So far the electricity is holding up fine.

We're running low on Tillamook extra-sharp white cheddar cheese and vanilla extract; there's plenty of wood, beer and chocolate. I'll think we'll survive.

There's about 18 inches of very dry snow out there, more in drifts. It's the kind that makes creaking noises when you walk through it. Our little Subaru wagon gets high-centered and stuck in it; we're hoping the forecast of 32 degrees on the weekend happens – otherwise we'll be asking Em to make a run out to take us grocery shopping. Bless her heart, she'll probably do it.

C. braved the elements and chainsawed up some of the stockpiled logs into stove lengths today. We pitched in onto the porch, knocking most of the dry snow off.

The little pullet who couldn't (walk, that is).

We brought in one of the black chicks (now a striped pullet) that the gold hen hatched this summer. She's having trouble walking (though she was fine until recently). We think it might be a vitamin deficiency, so have installed her in the bathroom and are feeding her food rich in B vitamins. She really seems to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Did the usual: fed and watered the chickens and guineas (twice, since their water freezes so quickly), fed and watered the rabbits. Crystal and Rue are loose in the rabbit room, getting along fine, which makes chores easier. C. carried out a bucket of water for the big animals. They're still working on the hay I loosed for them Saturday.

We emptied the dining room in preparation for laying down a linoleum "rug" near the dog door. The little brats say it's too cold to go out and pee, and linoleum is a whole lot easier to clean than hardwood. We run them out several times a day, but somebody always manages to sneak in a puddle or two. We seem to run into this with older rescue dogs.

Read Snow Crash, a sci-fi bestseller by Neal Stephenson. Cool concept, really good in places, clunky in others. I think it's his first book, so he's apt to get better.

Eating on the bread and marbled brownies I made yesterday. Made refried beans from scratch to go with nachos. Not entirely satisfactory.

Now, scrabble and then sleep.

This retirement thing is pretty cool.

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