Saturday, January 28, 2017

Teeny in the house

C. brought the littlest guinea in – remember Teeny, one of the October keets we raised in the house, the one who ate a long thread and stunted her growth? She's a spunky little thing. She's somehow managed to freeze some of her toe-tips off, despite the heated styrofoam keet house inside the chicken house. So C. bathed her stubby feet in warm water and betadine, which Teeny enjoyed. We dried her off, and C. shot these pics as I was getting ready to take her back out and sneak her onto a perch.

What a funny little bird.

In other news, all three of the kids and the two grandbabies came out to visit today. We had fun, passing the babies around and having conversations with them. And conversations with the kids, too.

Emma said she might remember where the tomato seeds went. I'll look tomorrow in the daylight.

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