Thursday, January 5, 2017

Last night below zero

According to the weather guys, anyway.

The little hen is still sucking down hard-boiled eggs in the bathroom. She's a nice little bird. She's shaped kind of funny – all butt, with a little head perched above. And, of course, those wonky legs. Fixing her might be too much to ask of Vitamin B. We'll see.

I called the sheep over and gave them some oats. They were pleased.

It was -18 early this morning – no wonder the car refuses to start. I was going to put the battery charger on it, but the hood is frozen shut. And the driver's door, once opened, won't close. So it will have to sit there until the thaw.

This cold is great for the garden. We should see far fewer giant slugs and other pests. (Yeah, OK, I'm trying to put a happy face on it.)

I'm working on a supply list for the weekend – if I forget something important, I do without. I hate to do without. Chicken food is on the list, since they really gobble it down in this cold.

The house is warm. I think I'll make some cornbread, and more of those marbled brownies.

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