Sunday, January 29, 2017

Expedition to the barn

Earl and I drove over to the barn today to get some straw for the chicken house. There's still lots of snow, now frozen and thawed and frozen enough to hold my weight – most of the time. We climbed up the plow berm and down the plow berm, squeezed through the iced-up gate, and climbed the piles of hay bales into the back of the barn where the loose straw is piled. This is the stuff left from last winter's 4x4x8-foot bale.

Filled four re-re-recycled garbage bags full (those puppies are getting pretty raggedy) and sledded them out and up and down to the car. Good thing the goats were over by the house, moaning for grain, as they like to dance on the bags.

C. will spread the new straw over the poopy old stuff on the chicken house floor, giving everybody a clean, dry surface. Come spring, we'll rake all this "deep bedding" out into the garden, and start over.

Five eggs today. :)

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