Saturday, January 28, 2017

Gung hey fat choy!

A visit to the She Who Seeks blog alerted me to the fact that today is the beginning of the Chinese or Lunar New Year, and it's the Year of the Fire Rooster. Gung hey fat choy!

She mentions that, according to Susan Levitt and Jean Tang in Taoist Astrology, the Year of the Rooster is:

. . . a time of practical endeavors, conscientiousness, hard work, and discipline. Politically conservative police states gain power, and law and order are championed.

That tallies with the bizarre turn American politics has taken this year.

Keep your beaks up, my fellow Americans. Hang in there. Speak out for decency, fairness, honesty, openness. Stand up for your neighbors. We're all in this together, as Red Green reminds us.

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