Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Plowed out

Em and Richard, bless their hearts, sent a plow guy out, and he did the whole driveway, from gate to gate. That didn't keep us from getting stuck in the next installment of snow, though. Em and Liam came out, and between the digging, sanding and towing, we finally made it to the driveway. From there, it was gravy. Cold, white gravy.

If we had plenty of money, winter would be easier. We'd call the plow guy after every snowstorm. But at $80 a pop, we hesitate. (That's how I can tell that I've officially become an old person – the cost of things today is shocking.) We'd get knobby new winter tires, too. And have wood delivered and stacked. And we'd get our old handyman out of rehab and hire him full time. That would be cool.

Anyway, giddy with my new freedom, I drove to Deer Park with Earl today, and picked up some essentials (gas, chicken food, cheese, pop and coffee). Earl had his usual car-ride treat, a small bag of goldfish crackers (with XTRA CHEDDAR!). I had my usual treat, a giant goodbar, with peanuts.

Earl wore his seatbelt, like a good boy.

I'm not risking the old parking spot, though. I parked right in the driveway, and we hauled groceries up to the house in the sled.

Tomorrow, it's a trip to Costco with Emma, Telli and two babies. Should be entertaining.

Now it's supposed to get cold again. Feh. But the days are getting longer, and we're getting ready to order seeds. Spring will come.

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