Sunday, January 8, 2017

Warming up

It's 25 degrees out, making chores more pleasant. More snow is coming, along with freezing rain. I want a big thaw, dammit!

We lost a guinea to some unknown cause. Maybe SAD.

Caught a mouse yesterday, and one today. Seems like we kill one batch, then there's a lull, and another moves in. I suppose I should take one little corpse and leave it someplace as a warning.

C. is reading Natural Dog Care by Celeste Yarnall. I swear we will NEVER feed our dogs commercial food. Gah. I thought hot dogs were bad (lips and assholes, we always said), but at least hot dogs are free of shelter-animal corpses, diseased animal parts and animal shit, all of which are regularly found in dog food.

I know it's more convenient to open a sack with a picture of a dog on it, than it is to cook up a batch of brown rice and add vegetables, milk, bread and your dinner leftovers. Too bad. Soylent Green was probably convenient, too.

So check your dog food label for 'animal protein,' because that's something you don't want. And it's not just the cheap brands that use it. Can you buy dog food with human-grade ingredients? I bet you can – but cooking for your pets would be less expensive.

And apparently vaccines are pretty ineffective. Huh.

In more uplifting news, C. found a guinea snow angel. cool.

And there's the window of my unheated, unused studio. This spring I really will get moved in there and make some stuff.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that we've gotten 2 mice so far and love the new trap. We're so impressed we've decided to get the rat trap for our attic. Thank you for writing about it!