Monday, December 26, 2016

The day after

Boy, I'm toasty.

As usual, we weren't ready (in fact most of my presents are still on a mail truck in Iowa) but the kids appeared, babies in tow, and we chatted and ate and dandled for hours. Christmas is a whole lot more fun with little kids.

The babes were decked out in formal attire. The deviled eggs were tasty. KC talked about his trip to L.A. There was much chocolate and cheer.

I'm determined to do nothing – not a damn thing! – today. C. is zipping around like (an older) maniac, but I shall not be moved from my recliner. I'll poke at her with my cane if she attempts to coerce me into action.

The fire is warm (C. went up on the roof and cleaned the chimney topper this morning) and we have pie, chocolate and various goodies.

I have some Frank Herbert books to read. And some new red velvet tea. Don't bother me.

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